1. Qualified Real Estate Professionals – Century 21 brokers and agents strive to stay current and knowledgeable about the ever changing market conditions so they can best serve you, the client. Our agents have some of the best real estate training in the industry so you can rest easy.
  2. Managing the Details - It’s not your job to worry about the details! Century 21 professionals are prepared to handle all of your real estate concerns.
  3. Pricing- Century 21 has access to the latest, most accurate active listings and sales info on the market so we can provide you with the true market value of a home.
  4. Negotiation- We have a team of professional negotiators to tackle the situations you are not familiar with. We will ease any unforeseen obstacles that may come up and use our best skill sets to put things back on track.
  5. Communication – Century 21 sales professionals will stay in touch and keep you posted on the details of your real estate transaction.
  6. Listing advice - Most people do not know that a buyer decides in the first few seconds of entering your home if they can imagine themselves living there. It is important to create the best first impression as possible and that is where the Century 21 experienced agent can help.
  7. CENTURY21.COM - Recent studies have shown that over 85% of buyers will rely on going online to begin their real estate search. As the global leader for online real estate sites Century 21 will give you the advantage. CENTURY21.com will allow buyers to hone in on the most accurate up to date information they can get on active listings.
  8. Real Estate Services - Should you have mortgage needs, insurance needs, or other financial planning needs, CENTURY 21 agents can help assist.
  9. Financing - Century 21 professionals are knowledgeable in the different types of financing available and what criteria it takes to manage those. Although we are not lenders and cannot provide all the answers we will be able to get those answers for you and help guide you in the direction best for the purchase.
  10. Most Recognized Real Estate Brand - Century 21 is the real estate organization people think of first when they want real estate services. The Century 21 sign is a sign of distinction and to be displayed proudly upon your property.
  11. Easter Seals – CENTURY 21 is dedicated on the local level to supporting Easter Seals. We do many fundraising activities and many agents donate a sum to Easter Seals from every commission check.
  12. 21 online.com- Century 21 agents have access to a state of the art marketing forum. From postcards like just listed, to just sold, open house, or property advertising brochures of all sorts in full color and direct mailed for faster results. 21online also monitors the online hits on your property in the form of a “Golden Ruler” for agents to share with you.
  13. Century 21 Referral and Relocation Services - We have a variety of ways to service relocation and referral leads coming into Century 21. We partner with various global companies and share referrals to offices across the country should you be selling here and moving to the Conejo Valley area we will find help for you.
  14. Recognition - Realogy is the parent company for many real estate brands including their number one performer of real estate, Century 21. In 2012 Realogy received the Global award for Companies with the highest ethics In 2001, Century 21 received J.D. Power Awards for “Highest Overall Satisfaction for First Time Home Buyers Among National Full Service Real Estate Firms” and “Highest Overall Satisfaction with Internet Services Provided to Home Sellers Among National Full Service Real Estate Firms.” Locally we have been awarded the Century 21 Quality Customer service and Best of Best Awards for the Cedar Valley.
  15. Century 21 Hispanic Resources - Spanish language brochures and information for consumers on our Spanish language Web site, century21espanol.com. We will certainly set up ways to communicate through a translator if need be.
  16. Century 21 Preferred Client Club - The Century 21 Preferred Client Club offers a way for agents to provide clients a variety of unique communications and keep in touch throughout the year Examples are Century 21 House & Home custom magazine, seasonal postcards and greeting cards.
  17. Century 21 Fine Homes and Estates- A category of its own. If you own a particularly unique home and are looking to sell, we have the means to help you market your properties above your competition. We have the knowledge and the tools to bring homebuyers to the sellers.
  18. National Advertising- Century 21 has continued stepping up to plate, giving us National brand awareness in the form of top of the line marketing campaigns and hitting highlights such as; The Superbowl and Women’s US Olympic Soccer. Also included is a Century 21 branding platform unlike any other for agents to brand themselves, Century 21, and market our listings.
  19. Above and Beyond - As we know, life is busy. We will make every attempt to cater to your schedule. We can help in facilitating any appointments needs such as inspections, home warranty appointments or pest inspections. If they do not fit in your schedule we would be happy to keep those inspection times and be there for you.
  20. Leadrouter – Century 21 believes every inquiry for any property takes the highest importance. That is why they have a full lead system in play that personally calls and emails a Century 21 agent on every inquiry at Century21.com
  21. We are simply the Best……